Federated EO missions support environment

FedEO (Federated Earth Observation missions access) provides a unique entry point to a growing number of scientific catalogues and services for, but not limited to, EO European and Canadian missions. FedEO is deployed with ESA (European Space Agency) infrastructure as a gateway to:

FedEO was initially developed as a prototype for GEO/GEOSS (Group on Earth Observations/Global Earth Observation System of Systems) and for EO-DAIL (Earth Observation Data Access & Integration Layer). It was consolidated after the CEOS Plenary in 2012 to facilitate access to European missions data in the international context and primarily in CEOS. See CEOS Documentation and CEOS Standardisation for more information.

The FedEO Clearinghouse provides access to the FedEO Clearinghouse Dataset and Dataset Series Catalogs via different interfaces:

The implementation of the above interfaces is based on:

The following is a list of example requests returning different media types: